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About Us

Cheero Citizen is an exclusive swimwear shop catering to the essence of women. We know that there are no two women alike and that each woman encompasses a special uniqueness true to her form. In the same sense, we strive to bring originality in our product. We conduct extensive trend forecasting to ensure we produce new and innovative swimwear. We live by our motto, “Set trends, not follow them!”

We also know that every woman’s body shape and size is different. Therefore, unlike other swimwear websites, we offer a custom sizing option for true fit and tailored shopping experience. Also, our swimwear straps are adjustable, providing additional comfort and support. We believe that any woman can wear any swimsuit and we take responsibility to ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your new swimwear! 

Cheero Citizen will never pretend to be something it’s not! We are a small local business that cares about our customers and forming long-term connections! We invite you to come along for the ride as we embark on our journey!

Designer Biography



Cheero Citizen was founded by Cristina Gonzalez in 2011. However, fashion design started early in her childhood. The earliest development of fashion design took place in Germany when she was only 8 years old. 

“As a military brat, I was exposed to different countries and cultures growing up.  A constant change and adaptation of environment instilled the use of wonder, vision and creativity. The first instance of fashion design I recall was when I lived in Germany. I was playing with Barbie dolls in my room and remember being unsatisfied with their clothing. I would draw Barbie doll like images and articles of clothing I wanted them to wear.” 

After childhood, Cristina was accepted to Georgia State University to pursue an education in Business. However, fashion design remained a constant  deep rooted dream in her mind. 

“I remember drawing fashion sketches on the Marta on the way to school. But at the time, I didn’t think it was a realistic career path or even a possibility. Ironically, after a couple of  semesters at Georgia State, I left school and moved back home to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew it wasn’t meant for me.”

Cristina eventually found Bauder College where she pursued her education in Fashion Design and graduated with an Associates of Arts. She then relocated to Orlando, Florida where she continued fashion design and first founded Cheero Citizen. 

“I think confidence and sense of direction plays a big role in obtaining your dreams. I had to figure it out and I had to believe in myself in order to put myself out there. I started Cheero Citizen as a women’s clothing line in 2011; designing a variety of clothing from casual wear to couture gowns. I like to design unconventional cuts and use fun, dramatic textures and combinations of print and solid color fabric.  But, it wasn’t until I designed a swimsuit where I realized swimwear is what I want to create. This is my niche! I was drawn to swimwear because of the organic freedom and experience associated with wearing swimwear.”

Cristina spent the last several years working on swimwear designs and showcasing her work locally in fashion shows and events throughout central Florida. It wasn’t until 2017 where she decided to fully pursue launching an e-commerce shop.

“I decided to take a step back and collectively reflect on what I truly wanted, the direction I wanted for Cheero Citizen, and what I needed to do to successfully obtain my goal. I spent the last year fine-tuning my craft and technique, researching, planning, budgeting, creating tons of samples and conducting quality testing so that I can deliver high-end, top quality swimwear.”

Cheero Citizen has opened a Pre-Order shop, followed by a full shop launch in May of 2018.